09 Mar 2022

A clearing at ACMI

ACMI presents ART+FILM: Artist Film Workshop. Screening + in conversation.

“Join members of Melbourne’s Artist Film Workshop as they introduce and screen their recent short films. All shot on 16mm film, these films celebrate the pleasures of working with celluloid.”


A clearing is the latest multi-modal collaboration between Speak’s Kaylie Melville and Tilman Robinson with Sabina Maselli of the Artist Film Workshop. During a residency at Testing Grounds in early 2021, they created new sounds for a clearing by sketching directly on 16mm filmstrips – drawing inspiration from the history of optical sound and graphical sound experiments in film. Join us for the premiere showing this March at ACMI.

15 Mar 2022 – 15 Mar 2022 

ART+FILM: Artist Film Workshop



a clearing

Feautring live music by Kaylie Melville and Tilman Robinson (Speak Percussion)

Sabina Maselli | 16mm | colour | 11’45” | 2022

a clearing_filmstill1

Is Anybody Coming Over To Dinner?

The adventures of Yokitom around the home and across the seasons, with a supporting cast of family and friends.

Audrey Lam | 16mm | colour | 9 min | 2022

Is Anybody Coming Over to Dinner? (2021) Audrey Lam

Self Portrait With Bag

​A camera-less portrait of the artist. Super 8 cartridges placed inside a black cotton bag, the film advanced via a hand crank. The tiny gaps in the fabric weave make for dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of tiny pinholes.

Dianna Barrie | 16mm | 6 min | 2020

self portrait with bag (still) - Diana Barrie

Galaxies [a love letter]

An ode to the cosmos, for the lovers.

Melody Woodnutt | 16mm | colour | 3’40” | 2020

Galaxies [a love letter] (still)

Mesmo Rio – Same River

A short film using the Pulfrich effect.

Richard Tuohy | 16mm | colour | 13 min | 2019

mesmo rio (still)

Cottonwood Ranges: right of reply

Tuffy Morwitzer | 16mm | colour | 4’15” | 2022

cotoonwood right of reply (still)


Window was made in response to the first Australia-wide COVID-19 related lockdown in 2020. Taking inspiration from Hitchcock’s Rear Window, each filmmaker contributed one roll of black and white celluloid film shot through a window of their house, documenting the visual aspects particular to their confinement. Together, these films form a portrait of domestic isolation, collectively examining the cinematic potential of the contemporary social order.

Artist Film Workshop | 16mm | 20 min | 2021

window (still)
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