19 Aug 2019

Art Music Awards 2019

Art Music Awards 2019, Speak Percussion with Jessica Aszodi win “Performance of the Year”.

Speak Percussion were thrilled to win Performance of the Year and to be selected finalists across two other categories in the 2019 Art Music Awards, Sydney. 

Winner Performance of the Year

Performers:               Speak Percussion with Jessica Aszodi                      

Title:                            Atlas of the Sky

Composer:                 Liza Lim; texts by Bei Dao and Eliot Weinberger

Publisher:                  Universal Music Publishing MGB obo Ricordi Berlin


Finalist Award for Excellence in Music Education

Speak Percussion for the Sounds Unheard education program


Finalist Award for Excellence in Experimental Music

Speak Percussion and Eugene Ughetti for Polar Force, an investigation of wind, water and ice through sound