27 Oct 2018

Assembly Operation at OzAsia

Assembly Operations is presented at the OzAsia Festival, Adelaide.

Assembly Operation at OzAsia

Assembly Operation manufactures high quality sound by crunching and grinding low worth goods.

In this major new collaboration between Eugene Ughetti, visual artists Cyrus Tang and Jia Jia Chen and performance maker Clare Britton, dark video sequences and minimalistic set design conjure surreal reflections on mass-production.

Assembly Operation probes at life’s strange tensions through our experience of gifts, gambling, pollution, paper, mass production and Chinese moral stories as it delves into the real and fictitious imagery of China’s RMB ‘One Yuan’ note. three percussionists use plastic toys, packaging products and electronics as musical instruments. s Tang’s slow and abstract video conjures a sense of place, brooding emotion and generates multiple layers of meaning constructed directly out of the 1-Yuan note design.

Assembly Operation is a dark and humorous performance work intertwining percussion, theatrical staging and video art.


Assembly Operation at OzAsia would not have been possible without the support of the following people and organisations.

Australia Council for the Arts
Creative Victoria
City of Darebin
Victorian Department of Education and Training
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust