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Percussion Works by Thomas Meadowcroft and Speak Percussion

Mode Records


Track list:

1. The Great Knot (2011) 18:29
for percussion trio

2. Cradles (2013) 8:56
for percussion duo with live or prerecorded
Wurlitzer electric piano
with Thomas Meadowcroft, Wurlitzer piano

3. Plain Moving Landfill (2003) 12:59
for percussion solo
Eugene Ughetti, percussion

4. Home Organs (2000) 13:52
for six percussionists

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Before Nightfall One by Igar Zach and Speak Percussion

SOFA Music

Before Nightfall 1 with Ingar Zach - Album Cover

A single recording featuring Eugene Ughetti, Matthias Schack-Arnott and Ingar Zach for the first concert in the series named Before Nightfall

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