Scream Star

A triptych featuring leading compositional voices in the experimental and conceptual music world, responding to all-too-familiar tropes of the live music and visuals format.

Scream Star is many things: absurd and funny, moving and creative, precise and demanding. It is, in short, seriously good music-making. It is performance art and theatre, and new music-making at its finest.” – Limelight


Speak Percussion commissioned three wunderkind composers to create Scream Star – a remarkable live music performance collision of sound and screen with mashed-up projection and percussion. Scream Star marks the first collaboration between the compositional voices of Matthew Shlomowitz, Johannes Kreidler and Jessie Marino, who have an impressive track record of integrating screen-based media into live performances.

From canned laughter to green screens, foley artists to house bands, this trio of unexpected works digs deep into the visual unconscious shared by anyone raised on a diet of TV and film.


Hey Hey It’s Tuesday

Matthew Shlomowitz and Laura Spark 

“Welcome to Hey Hey It’s Tuesday, an imaginary variety show. There is no host but a trio of live percussionists who will accompany you through the screening. The montage of acts includes the young and the old, amateur and professional, intentional and unintentional, human and blowhole. Speak Percussion, Hey Hey‘s very own house band, intermingle with the vaudeville acts to heighten and disrupt. While the sense of ‘when’ is indefinite, the ‘where’ is most definitely Australian TV.”


A Dream of Flight, or at least, lurching forward a few inches

Jessie Marino

 ““ The dream of being able to project moving illuminated images on a wall or screen is almost as old, in the history of humanity, as the dream of flight.”

– Laurent Mannoni “The Great Art of Light and Shadow.”


How about some light, and a little razzle-dazzle?

Back to basics folks – I never caught onto IMAX and VR makes me dizzy.

Just humans animating light in analog, aka, IRL.

The image is not delivered in frames per second –  no lens, no formatting, no live stream-

Rendering takes too much time anyway.

We’re trying to dislodge the frame – or at least make it more malleable.

Reflection, refraction- be it saw blade or sequin.

Cinema is slippery, as Mannoni says:

So let’s slip, slide, spin, sputter, and smoke.”



for Percussion Trio and Videos
Johannes Kreidler

Something – some entity, some objects, some unknown counterparts are saying “welcome” to the humans.

Welcome to thinking.

Welcome to music.


They are speaking our language.

They know our habits, they are ours, they are us.


We are awaiting ourselves, and we will come.

Yes, probably we’ll come, welcome.

Past Performances

18 – 21 August 2022


Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
7:30 pm


Johannes Kreidler (DE)
Jessie Marino (DE/USA)
Matthew Shlomowitz (AUS/UK)
Director and Percussionist
Eugene Ughetti
Kaylie Melville
Hamish Upton
Production Manager
Govin Ruben
Lighting Designer
Bronwyn Pringle
Sound Engineer
Alistair McLean
Hey Hey It's Tuesday Co-Creator and Film Maker
Laura Spark (UK)
Film Archivist
Leon O'Regan (ExFILM)
Percussionist Understudy
Alexander Meagher


Scream Star would not have been possible without the support of the following people and organisations.

Australia Council for the Arts
Creative Victoria
City of Melbourne