The Museum

new international commission for 2026

The Museum

Premiering in 2026, The Museum will be a new, ambitious evening-length work by Steven Takasugi for three percussionists and electronics. This epic project delves into an extraordinary archive of sounds from the Grainger Museum’s, Speak Percussion’s and the collaborating artists’ personal collections. It builds a library and foregrounds the peculiar, the quirky and the idiosyncratic fascinations of musicians: Percy Grainger, Speak Percussion and percussionists more generally.

Commissioned in celebration of Speak Percussion’s 25th anniversary and in partnership with the Grainger Museum, The Museum will juxtapose personal and organisational histories to create space for reflection about how and why we collect things; preserve our stories; and forge our own histories and legacies. It will bring together the culture of the concert hall, the museum and the gallery in a unique musical performance.

Artistic Team

Steven Takasugi
Collaborator/ Percussionist
Kaylie Melville
Collaborator/ Percussionist
Eugene Ughetti
Collaborator/ Percussionist
Louise Devenish

Grainger Museum

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